Friday, July 29, 2016

Artist Team Blog Hop

Welcome to the Club Scrap Artist Team blog hop! If you've arrived here from the super talented Donna you're in the right spot. If you would like to start from the beginning to see what Karen has created, start at Club Scrap. I had this mastermind idea of ATCs and an ATC holder planned, implemented and written up before I discovered that the two blog were actually in reverse. So Wednesday's blog had the holder. Oops. 

Karen has challenged us with creating Artist Trading Cards (ATC's). ATC's are the "in" thing right now. They're 2.5" x 3.5" pieces of artwork that are traded among artists. Pocket letters came about by creating 9 ATC's fitting into a Pocket Trading Card Protector and mailing them to a friend. I haven't tried that myself. I just don't want to get addicted to something else ;-) 

Last year at Club Scrap retreat we learned how to make our own paper. So I thought...what the heck let's break out that kit I haven't even used it yet! I had to watch the video again to refresh some concepts but I had a blast once I got going!  Now...the papers that were created will never compare to the handmade paper made at retreat with some "acquired" grass clippings from our outing at Lambeau Field the day before.

Anyways...let's get started. I've saved envelopes from Christmas in preparation of making homemade paper one day. Tear them up and add to blender with water. I didn't mix colors, I tried to keep like colors together so I didn't end up with brown icky paper. 

Pour blender into screened paper-making box in large container of water. Add your botanicals, glitter or mica if you'd like. Drain.

Using a screen and large sponge, sponge off excess water.

Don't use a towel underneath. It was just for photography purposes. 

Using the compressed block and paper included in the kit, press more water from paper. 

Use an iron to help the drying process.
(I haven't used this many home appliances in one day in a long time!)

I purchased a used paper and flower press at my local thrift store for 5$.
Place sheets of paper in press as the directions indicate. 

Lock press. Let sit for 24 hours.

Here's my finished papers.  Time to start cutting and stamping!

Here are my finished ATC's. I was able to get four cards from each sheet of paper.

You can trade your ATC's by putting your info on the back. Here's a digital template that I print out, trim and adhere to the back of my ATC's.

 I actually like to use mine and those I receive on cards or layouts.

Club Scrap papers, tags, stamps, charms and ribbon. 7Gypsies word strip.

Thanks for hopping by today.  
Please continue on to see what the amazing Tina has created with ATC's for you.
Lambeau outing with Tracey, Cindy and Cathy.


  1. Oh my goodnes, what a fantastic idea to make your own paper for these atc's.
    They look totally awesome!

  2. So glad you got use of those "little used" household appliances, LOL. Love your handmade paper ATCs and the way you used one as a feature on a greeting card. Great ideas!

  3. Each ATC is a work of art! Ive been eyeing the paper maker for a while and you made me want it even more.

  4. What fun to use handmade paper!! Love these!!

  5. wow great job on the ATC's, and kudos to you for recycling

  6. Wow! That handmade paper makes those ATCs super special! Thanks Lisa!

  7. Love your Creations. I haven't used my paper making kit yet either.Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. These are such fun! Love the details!

  9. Love the simplicity of your cards! Beautiful. Love the handmade paper too-great idea!

  10. WOW Lisa! Those are priceless with HANDMADE paper!

  11. This was a fun post - loved seeing you use your "appliances" and making paper. Loved the card at the end so much!


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