I love Yosemite!  I've backpacked through the High Sierra's twice and would love to do it again. It might take me a little longer than last time but I just love the outdoors. I stole these photos from my sister-in-law's trip to Yosemite last summer. They're perfect for the Adirondacks deluxe collection. I didn't do anything fancy in designing the layout. In fact the design is part of the Adirondacks ALSB layouts. The cutting and assembly instructions are free every month to anyone.
Club Scrap papers, stencil, tags, book plate, ribbons and borders. 
I even did the stenciling which I seem to ignore since I'm generally not very good at it.  My newest trick it to add washi tape to all the edges and cover the holes I don't want ink in.  The less chance for mistakes the better.  I just use a washi tape that I'm not fond of.

The original layout.

I wish I knew where these patches came from. I would really like more!


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