Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Adirondacks Midori

Welcome to the Adirondacks Blog Hop brought to you by Club Scrap.  Each month the talented Club Scrap owner, employees and members present a project, card or layout using the monthly featured collection. The  purpose of the blog hop is to demonstrate the beauty of paper and digital crafts.

If you just happened on the blog hop today because you're a regular reader of my blog, and you'd like to view the entire hop, you can  start back at Club Scrap. If you're already hopping and linked to me from the talented Kelly's blog, you're in the right spot. 

Today each member is pulling inspiration from the Adirondacks collection. I knew this outdoor collection would rival the National Parks collection which made #1 on my Top 10 favorite kits. I may have to order seconds because this first kit is nearly gone.

The stamps inspired me to make a Midori traveler's notebook.  One of my long time BFF's is turning 50 this month and I thought this would be a fabulous gift for her.  Several years back we did a 5 day backpacking trip through Yosemite and we both still share a love for the outdoors. In fact we both applied to do the trek again this year but didn't get chosen (it's by lottery only).
This is quite a lengthy blog post with lots of pictures so if you're short on time please continue on to see what Tina has created for you using the Adirondacks collection.
1. Start with a 8.5" x 9" piece of Kraft-tex. This rugged paper feels and looks like leather but sews, cuts and washes like fabric. In fact I washed this piece first to give it that wrinkled look.   
2. Punch a small hole at .5" .75" from the top and the bottom in the horizontal center. Punch a small hole at 4.25" from the top.
3. Stamp and decorate outside cover with the Adirondacks stamps and stencil.
 4. String elastic cording starting from the inside of the top hole, through the adjacent hole.  Continue the cording to the inside bottom and thread through to the bottom hole. Bring the ends together inside and tie a tight knot in the center.  The book cover should bow quite a bit. Place an elastic band with barbs through the center hole. This will be used to hold your book closed.
5. Score 10 pieces of 7"x8" ivory paper at 3.5".
6. Pierce holes at .5", 1", 7" and 7.5" using a piercing cradle.
7. Bind 5 pages together by stitching from inside the top hole in and out down to the bottom hole though the entire stack and tying the two ends together inside. This makes one signature. Repeat with the second signature.
8. Trim a manila folder (still folded) at 7" vertically and 11" horizontally. 9. Open the folder and score at 8" vertically. Fold in right side and turn so fold is folding up from the bottom.
10. Score 3.5" in from both sides and fold inward and burnish the edges.
11.Unfold the paper completely and then fold in half horizontally.
12.  Make an arrow by trimming 1" down from bottom fold to 1" of center fold.
13. Unfold and open up. Fold bottom "arrows" up and fold from the center backwards. This will give you folded pockets.
14. Round the corners with a corner chomper. This rounded area will help the folders to stay in the book.
15.  Decorate and stamp as desired.
16. Slide in your pages and pockets into the midori cover using the center elastic bands.  I like lots of space at the top, bottom and sides of my midori notebooks for tabs and post it notes.  
17.  I added small envelopes to the back with bookbinding glue.  

Whew! That was a lot of photos and instructions.
Please continue on to see what Tina has created for you.
Here are links and videos for further instructions on how to create a midori.


  1. What a fun booklet, love how you created this. Have to try one too!!

  2. OH! I NEED one of these! The flaps for maps (kinda sounds Seussical!) is such a great addition to the inside cover. Mine are floating all over the place...they get tossed around after a hike! Thanks for sharing such great instructions Lisa! Terrific project!

  3. What a fun travelog I love it! Those pockets are great, the packrat in me collects all sorts of bits and pieces from our adventures. Thanks so much for sharing the process.

  4. Lisa, it's brilliant! What a gorgeous use for the Kraft-Tex material and the Adirondacks collection. And such beautiful inner pages/pockets, as well. Thanks for all the images and helpful assembly tips, too! (Welcome to my world of daily instruction-writing!)

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE how this turned out Lisa!! She is going to be so happy with it, fantastic. Love the pocket pages and the little memorabilia envelopes too. :)

  6. You have outdone yourself this time Lisa. Love how this turned out.

  7. Oh what a great combination, the Kraft Tex and Adirondacks Collection! Love your albums and those inside pocket pages are just fabulous! You're the Queen Of Good Taste!! Just sayin'

  8. Loved the idea for the traveler notebook. Have a great day!

  9. OMIGOSH, your Midori turned out so well! I love how the stamping looks on the Kraft-tex. What a fantastic gift...your friend will love it!

  10. OMG! I just love this and bookmarked it for my trips. What a great way to keep all the keepsakes from a trip!

  11. Love your notebook! The size and dimensions are perfect!


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