Take the Trails

I was really unsure on what to do with May's Card sketch. It's no secret that I like the Tall & Long cards but the circles were really throwing me.  I had to wait for others to post their examples before some ideas started going through my head. I've been using burlap, feathers and wood embellishments to compliment the Adirondacks collection and wanted to stick with that.  I found these wooden circles from Farmer's Market and had a "ah-ha" moment. I stamped the map image on the circles to give them personality. I then die cut circles from burlap for the bottom layer. Tip: Coat the back of your burlap with bookbinding glue and let dry.  This will keep them from fraying when cutting.


  1. Great tip to use BB glue on the back of the burlap! Fun card, too.

  2. Tall and Long cards throw me, but you are a master at making them! Great BB glue tip, I bet it would work with other fabric too! Hmmmm...


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