Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Recycled ATCs

Every so often I like to just create art panels. Sometimes I'll just break out the Color Bursts or the Gelli plates and get messy! When I do make a mess with these art mediums, I tend to make lots and lots of panels. Some good, some not so good. Unfortunately those panels start to pile up and I have to do something with them. I decided to let go of formalities and just start using up items being neglected. That led me to creating ATCs with these orphans. Sometimes art work looks better in a 2.5 x 3.5 format!
This first set was created using Color Burst panels that didn't make it into a project.
I simply added some rub-ons or stamp, sequins, charms and staples.
This second set was created with Gelli print panels I originally created for the Boardwalk collection but didn't make the cut.
I was able to use up remaining tags with just a simple ribbon behind them. 
Don't be surprised if you see these floating around Retreat next month!


  1. Wow, Lisa...these are AWESOME! Great way to use up those art orphans!

  2. I do this all the time and always have a bunch of art ophans!! Love this idea Lisa, way to go!!
    They are all so wonderful, each one a little work of art.

  3. Wow great artwork, Lisa and a wonderful idea.

  4. Me Me Me! I want one (or one of each...)!! hehe


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