Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Succulents Creative Assignment

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While rummaging through my project bin I came across these lonely assignment pages that I purchased at Retreat several years ago.  It's time to use those babies up!  My old Cyprus Creative Assignment project (2008) was faded from the sun and almost empty.  It definitely was well loved and well used.
Start by gathering the loose inside pages. Carefully align all the edges and bind the pages with clips at the left and right edges. 
Apply a thick coat of Bookbinding Glue to the top edge of the stack. Let dry.
Apply glue to one 5.25 x 6.75 piece of Book Board and place on 6.75 x 10 outside cover. Add a .5 x 5.25 spine .25" from the back cover. Place your front 5.25x 6.75 book board piece .25" from the spine and draw a line from top to bottom where the paper edge is.  Apply glue in this area only and place on paper. Next take your front cover and glue to front book board lining up the seams.
Wrap edges remembering to miter your corners. 

Cover inside back right panel with 5 x 8 cover paper. Center paper 1/8 from top, bottom and right corner. Don't forget to work paper into the hinge gutters. To create a pocket, score a 7 x 7.25 piece of cardstock 2" up from the bottom and .50" from left and right sides. Trim off the 5.25 x .50 tabs. Fold pocket up and glue the two bottom flaps to back side of pocket page. Adhere pocket page to left side of exposed board.
Fold a 2.50 x 3.25 piece of cardstock horizontally around a pencil forming a snug fit. Glue pencil holder to top of the back side of paper pad edges. Cover back of paper pad with bookbinding glue and center onto back of inside cover and adhere. 
Apply a patterned ribbon to the cover seam using bookbinding glue. Wrap the ribbon edges down into the pocket for to give this a fun and unique look. 

Punch a hole about .50" down from top edge. Set an eyelet and attach a chain.  Here I added lots of different ribbons and fibers to the chain.  Decorate front as desired.

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  1. Lisa, what a beautiful planner! Love how you created the front and that sentiment is just perfect.

  2. Great assignment book! Your instructions could have been the first book project I every made!!!

  3. Great project and that sentiment is perfect for the cover! Love it :) TFS

  4. I love the instruction on binding! I always have trouble doing that, but you make it look easy!

  5. Oh this truly is an oldie but a goodie Lisa, and I think you beat me with a 2008 project... LOL I use mine for keeping track of my calorie intake and exercise schedule! Great work!!

  6. OMGOSH I LOVE this planner you have created!!! Gorgeous!!!

  7. What a fun project! I know it shows what an amateur I am with book making, but my favorite step was putting binder clips on the pages to hold them tightly together. My brain would have said ""Pile a bunch of books on top..." Great job!

  8. Oh what a pretty assignment book! As you know that sentiment on the front cover is so perfect, love your project!

  9. I love the irony of the quote on the assignment book cover. That is awesome! And thanks for the reminder of how the bookbinding glue can be used as a padding adhesive!

  10. Great project! Love how you put it together, I'll definitely be making one!

  11. So, what do you use yours for? You said you used your old one up. I have one of these in stash too (I hope you'll put this in the Project Use It thread if you haven't already), but couldn't figure out what to use it for.

  12. GORGEOUS! I have bookmarked it and will try this out soon! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. What a great project! So pretty and useful!
    The Leaf Studio



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