Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Canada Memento Holder

I had an amazing time on our latest road trip to Canada.  I got the chilly weather and snow that I was hoping for.  My husband...not as happy as I was ;-).  What a perfect opportunity to use my neglected Memento Holder from Retreat 2015. It's been sitting in my project bin just begging to be used. You can see Karen's version at Club Scrap.
This holder uses folded manila envelopes on the inside. The half with the clasp offers a secure place to stash loose items. This is where I stored all my receipts for fuel, food and RV parks. With a clever trimming trick, the other half of the manila envelopes become decorative pages with angled pockets, great for holding smaller items like tour maps. I tried to keep up on the journaling, ticket stubs and maps while on the road, leaving myself room for photos later.  

Word of advise...you start the vacation off wrong if you forget your clothes!

We try to do the Hop on Hop off bus in every city we go to! Great way to get see a city and discover where you want to return to.

A vacation isn't complete until a visit to a winery.

There are still a few of these projects available in the CS Pro Shop if interested.
Mark your calendars and make sure to return!

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  1. What a great way to use your Memento Holder. It will make a great keepsake of your trip.


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