Friday, April 21, 2017

Accordion Pocket File Holder

This Accordion Pocket file folder has been a huge hit over at Club Scrap.  This is a fantastic organizing time saver if you're an ALSB (Assembly Line Scrapbooker).  Every month Tricia creates two sets of ALSB instructions (for both Deluxe and Lite kits) and they are FREE for everyone, not just members.
The cutting instructions for each kit are super easy, it's keeping all the components organized afterwards that can present a problem.  Tricia has come up with this AMAZING accordion folder to help keep your parts and pieces in line.
Now...I'll be honest here.  I really struggled with this project.  I tried SEVERAL times before getting it right.  The little side accordion folds kept flying off.  I routinely adhered the dividers to the wrong folds.  I may have uttered some bad words.  But I finally got it together and it was worth the blood and sweat. Literally.   ended up with two paper cuts. Hahaha.

You have two options for purchasing this organizer. The Accordion Pocket File has everything you need to complete this project. The Accordion Pocket Instructions are just the instructions needed to finish the project with your own supplies.  The project forum has some members examples if you need more inspiration. 


  1. You made this look so cute Lisa! I have yet to finish mine but need to do it before August for sure! Have a great day!

  2. Excellent! Now, can you make one for me? Ha ha. Seriously, I love it.


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