Monday, October 16, 2017

Some Bunny Loves You

I routinely watch YouTube while on the treadmill and came across this 2011 video that Tricia's did on Jumpin' Leaves.  I'm always looking for cute cards to send my niece and thought this would make her giggle.
Please keep in mind that this is a summary of the technique.
Please refer to the video for full detailed instruction. 
1. Start with a 4 1/4 x 11 strip of paper and score on every 1 3/8"  line, flipping the paper from top to bottom after each score line. Trim the paper at 2 1/8".
2. Stamp the flower in between each score line on both strips.
3. Using a craft knife, cut a line from one flower to the other.
4. Trim the top around the flower.
5. Stamp back side of strip with same flower to give a front and back image.
6. Add dazzles cirlces to center of flowers.
7. Cut a 1/2" slit on every other score line on the bottom of the 1st strip.
8. Cut a 1/2" slit on every other score line on the top of the 2nd strip.
9. Insert top slit onto the bottom slip to join the two strips together.
10. Fold and flatten strip.
11. Adhere to each inside page.



  1. Oh, my! That's fantastic! I'd totally forgotten about that video. :)

  2. You'd never know that awesome surprise was inside. So clever!



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