Collage Clipboard

The Collage Clipboard was my second favorite project at this year's Retreat. I fell in love with the idea of using up all my little orphaned embellishments. All those embellishments that are too bulky for cards and layouts are perfect for this project!

 Class sample
The project comes with the printed background and all the paper pieces precut.
Ink all the edges

Mine is still a work in progress
Terri Zwicker out did herself in the class examples and I can see how she got carried away and completed one for each season.

 Have an amazing weekend! I'm hoping for a great crafting weekend!



  1. I think this was surprisingly my favorite. I generally am not in love with clipboard projects, but this one took the prize! I felt so crafty, making use of little bits and pieces. So pretty!

  2. What a great project! So sorry i missed it, but thank you for sharing all these great variations!
    Happy crafting!!


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