Thanksgiving Pumpkins

Only one more week before Thanksgiving.  Mmmm...turkey, mashed potatoes, wine, and pie!  Hello!  Doesn't get much better than that.
I just wanted to share some small decorations I whipped up quickly. 
Punch out 20-30 2" circles of paper.  I used the gold print paper from this month's Moroccan Spice kit.
I added a few brown circles for bulk and interest.  Fold circles in half and burnish edge.

Gather up circles back to back with the fold at the top.  Place between binder clips and brush on Bookbinding Glue to folded tops. Let dry. After drying I took a craft knife and sliced off 1/4' of one rounded side so the pumpkins would sit flat.
Release clips and fan out circles.  Glue the first and last circles together to create the pumpkins.
Take brown paper ribbon and twist in half, glue to top.
Add leaves or embellishments.  These would make cute place cards!


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