Monthly Layout Cards

I am on a roll!  I've been getting some major scrapbooking done.  I want to get caught up with last years album before tackling my Southeast Asia vacation.  What helps me get in the groove are the layout cards that come with each monthly kit. I have them all in a binder so that I can easily flip through them.

I first layout all my photos in vertical or horizontal form.  I then scan through the layout cards to see what roughly matches the size and shapes of my photos.  I chose to use the Oopsie Daisy layout card. The layout cards come with detailed cutting instructions. If you're not a member of Club Scrap you can get layout ideas with the ALSB Idea Decks.
Time to decide what colors of paper to use.  This is fairly easy for me.  I keep all my papers on racks according to color.  One rack is all solids and one rack is all patterns.  I even have another rack for 8 1/2x11.  OUT OF CONTROL!
Cut the paper according to the instructions.  Pay close attention to vertical or horizontal placement.  I've cut the wrong way many, many times. You'll end up with a pile of cut up pieces.  Now start to assemble according to the sketch.  Place photos on photo mats. Note that the photo mats are 4x6.  So most photos will need to be trimmed to 3.75x5.75. Sometimes I forget until after I've applied the adhesive to my photo.  Really gums up my trimmer after awhile.

Now you can start adding your journaling (which I don't like doing so I stamp), title and embellishments.  I'm a sucker for the penny squisher machines!  I had one with Walt Disney's signature one one with the Disneyland logo.

I take a picture of my layout before I adhere everything down. That way I don't forget where I had everything placed.  As you can see, I've swapped the left and right pages. My title just didn't look right on the right hand side.  And like that, I'm done.  Took about 30 minutes!

Supplies: Club Scrap papers and stamps, Paper Wizard Title, Jolee's candy canes.


  1. A great example of how to mix kits easily - I see Reunion and one or two of the specialty holiday kits. Love how these look together!

  2. Nice!! I love how the process is working for you!

  3. Great page, Lisa! Thanks for sharing!

  4. love them and I like your storage for the paper

  5. Great layout, Lisa! My process is pretty similar, although so far I'm still keeping my paper organized by kit.


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