Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April Technique Challenge: Herringbone & Mosaics

Hetty from Craft Chaos posted a technique challenge over at Club Scrap.  The technique was an updated form of creating a mosaic or herringbone pattern with paper strips and carpet tape. There are many different ways to get this look.  Here are a few "older" videos and demonstrations for these techniques and some "older" cards using those techniques.

I have quite the stash of washi tape and wanted to create the same look. I completed these mosaic backgrounds rather quickly with no trouble at all, much easier than little strips of paper.  The next morning I went to take photos and most of the edges had lifted up. Bummer. I think a coat of glue on top should fix that. I used Reunion Greetings to Go for the bases and added some extra embellishments.

I also created a digital version of the herringbone technique using Botanicals. The first attempt was a disaster! Nothing lined up. Then I sat and really thought about the mathematics involved. I created layers with a 45 degree angle.

Then I made many layers as a 90 degree "V" and started filling up the spaces. 

The card came together more quickly with everything aligning.  I am very happy with the digi version!

Thanks for looking and have a fabulous day!

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  1. All your cards are great,Lisa. Love how you used all the different kits.
    And such a freat idea of doing it digital! Thanks for playing along.


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