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Yupo Notebook

Yupo is a unique alternative to traditional art papers. It’s a synthetic, pulp-free (tree-free) paper, made in the USA from 100% polypropylene. It has several unique properties: Super-smooth, durable, waterproof, tear-proof and bright white.
When this fabulous paper arrived in the Color Me Happy kit,  most crafters were excited to break out their alcohol inks and color bursts. I was excited about the waterproof, tear-proof properties to this paper. This is exactly what I need for a pocket notebook I'll use at work. The small notebook needs to be strong and sturdy and withstand being shoved in and out of my pant pockets in all types of weather.
Lately I've been fascinated with Midori travel notebooks and Julie provides amazing tutorials, links and videos on how to create one. I took inspiration from those and set about to create my own. I apologize in advance for the VERY long post.  
Cut the Yupo papers into nine 4x6 pieces. I saved the extras to play with.
Score each at 3".
Using my Envelope Punch Board I made tabs on each folded piece.
The tabs will allow me to find my information in a hurry.
6 pieces were punched at 2".
3 pieces were punched at 1" and 3".
Using a ruler and craft knife I sliced off the sides to create tabs.

 Next create three signature of 3 different tabbed folders.
Using the piercing cradle pierce holes 1" from the top and the bottom.
Stitch each signature separately for stability. 
For the cover, trim a piece of Kraft-Tex at 4 1/2 x 6 3/4.
Pierce one hole in the very center.
Pierce holes at .5" and .75" from the top and bottom in the center.
Pierce holes at .5" and .75" one quarter inch to the left and right of the top and bottom holes.
Create a loop on the outside of the book and bring both ends of an elastic band through the center hole.
Bring the end of the elastic band through the hole above the center to the outside and stitch back through the top hole. Repeat with bottom elastic band.
Tie tight in the middle. Enough to create small bend in the cover.
Stitch the two remaining columns and tie in the middle.
Add one stitched folded signature under each elastic band.
I love love love my little book.  Stamping didn't go as well as planned, but's art!
So I wanted to experiment with the pens I'll be using in my notebook.
The notebook is virtually waterproof and I needed the ink to be as well.
I was testing on left over pieces the quickness in drying of the pens on the Yupo.
I was also testing the inks ability to withstand water.
The reason I keep emphasizing the water thing is my last notebook was decimated at work while standing in the rain when we received nearly 3 inches.
Looks like the Sharpie wins out.
I can't wait to fill this up! I can even add more pages if I need.


  1. I couldn't understand when I first browsed through this post why you'd want to "waste" that Yupo on a notebook. But THEN I re-read it and remembered what you do and why you would need this and I think you're just BRILLIANT. :) What a great way to use these new materials. I hope it works exactly as planned.


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